Sustainable Practices

KapohoKine Adventures works to maintain a carbon-neutral footprint operation wide. We have integrated “green” and sustainable practices into the company’s culture from it’s inception. We follow EPA guidelines in source reduction. We use washable plates and silverware rather than plastic and paper on every tour for every meal to radically reduce our contribution to our island’s solid waste problem. Reusable serving bowls, platters, and utensils are used at every meal. Guides use waterbottles instead of bottled water, and our water bottles are non-leaching and toxin-free food grade stainless steel from Kleen Kanteen, unlike the less expensive polycarbonate and HDPE bottles made from petro-chemicals. We use washable towels to clean our vehicles and for the cool oshiburis enjoyed by guests rather than paper or disposable. We use only rechargeable batteries in our flashlights and equipment. Or we use rechargeable equipment.

Once past the waste reduction stage, we move to recycling. We recycle everything we can from the plastic, glass, and aluminum used on tour to the paper, cardboard, and plastic packaging that everything comes in.

We use only CFL bulbs at our Baseyard and office.

Our vehicles are maintained rigorously to maintain proper tire pressures and clean oil and filters.

We are proud partners of TerraPass, earning a White Badge indicating our removal of up to 200 metric tons of carbon emissions by us every year. Our tours and guests directly contribute to the community helping to keep open space open and farmers on their farms rather than developing their land in other ways.

All of these things happened in a very organic way, pardon the pun. Improvements in sustainability happen every day, and there is a lot more work to be done.

Terrapass Restore the Balance

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